Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No. 378 The Allium Collection No. 4

The Allium Collection No.4
Oil on Linen Panel

Trying out a different type of composition. A beautiful thing about daily painting is one tends to be more willing to experiment and take chances. If today's painting doesn't work out there is always tomorrow. And boy that's a good thing because I've had some spectacular failures. :)

Starting a daily painting practice Step No. 9 Sell It
It is really, really nice to have someone tell you how much they like your work. Take it up four or five notches and that's how it feels to have someone buy your work. For someone to give you some of their hard earned money and find a place in there home for something you created, it's the ultimate compliment!

 I'm not a expert, unfortunately, but I can tell you where I sold my work last year. Aside from friends and family (whom I'm eternally grateful for) my sales have come from the website and a booth at the local farmers market. and Ebay are two other online places to sell. I'm thinking about trying both of those. Also, I'm going to take a stab at a couple of art fairs this summer. Oh yes, there are always galleries too.