Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No. 370 The Japanese Doll

The Japanese Doll
Oil on Linen Panel
7" x 5"

Such a lovely doll, such a difficult subject to paint. I'm going to put this in my "good for you for pushing yourself" category. Then I won't feel so bad for it not turning out the way I wanted it to. :)

Starting your own daily painting practice - Step 5 What to Paint
This is the fun part! As a fine artist, the world is your oyster. A good place to start is something you are passionately interested in outside of art. That may be animals, boating, flowers, construction equipment, cars, you name it. Then create a collection of those items in photos or real life (construction equipment might be best collected in photos). Pack a lunch and head out on a field trip with your camera or visit a thrift store or antique shop. Collecting painting reference is my favorite new hobby and an excellent excuse to go shopping! I used to turn my nose up at thrift stores. Now they are treasure troves . :)

If you have a day where nothing appeals to you, that's okay. Paint something anyway. There is still a lot of value to putting that brush to canvas, getting the mileage in and establishing a painting habit even if this particular subject isn't very exciting. Sometimes just starting is the hard part. Many times the longer I look at something the more interesting it becomes. What was once unappealing becomes appealing.

Hope this helps! 


  1. Yes, good for you for pushing yourself! I've been trying to do the same. And the good news is that since I have no idea how you wanted this to look, I can tell you that to ME, it looks wonderful! You captured so much in that face! There is great softness in her hair and lovely dimensionality in her costume. I say go you!

    1. Gosh Ann! What a wonderful comment! I'm feeling empowered. Thank you!