Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 128 - The Lighthouse

Lighthouse at Fort Casey
Oil on Canvas Board
8 x 10

If you saw my earlier post you have already heard how our first  PAWA paint out of
 the year turned out surprisingly snowy. Most people cancelled but a few hardy
souls made it out to paint. Standing in the sun with my snow boots and several
layers of clothing on it wasn't too bad and it was beautiful!


  1. Hi Susan, Thank you kindly for the comment you left recently. I appreciate you taking the time. Your work is lovely. I've just spent an enjoyable time browsing on your blog. Your pansies are great! Wishing you blissful painting!

  2. Thanks so much Brenda! I'm honored to have you visit to my humble blog. I have enjoyed your blog tremendously. Not only does it have great art but very fun music links too! Thank you again. :)