Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 107 Primrose on the Road

Purple Primrose 2
Oil on Gessobord
6 x 6
As this primrose painting is pretty darn similair to yesterdays I tried
to think of something to make it more interesting. An silly little idea occurred to me.
Why not take it on the road? A little like the traveling gnome. So here we have
the traveling primrose painting....

First stop, Elizabeth Kincaid's watercolor class. You see here two of
her absolutely amazing watercolors. I meant to take a picture that included
my fellow classmates but forgot until everyone had left. I'll get them next time.
I'll try to get Elizabeth in there too.

Second stop, having a teriyaki lunch with my hubby. He is the one
that makes this whole painting adventure possible. Thanks Don!

Third stop, visiting my mom and dad in their new retirement home. My mom
recently had a major stroke. After three weeks in the hospital she was finally
able to come home again with my dad. A huge thanks to all the people
working in rehab at Providence hospital. We're so relieved to have her back home again.
Time to go home and feed the family. I forgot to take a picture of the girls this evening.
I'll get them tomorrow.


  1. Cute idea. The traveling posies!

  2. Thanks Karen! It's nice to know I haven't gone off the deep end. :)