Monday, September 22, 2014

No. 501 Baring Mountain

Baring Mountain - Plein Air
Oil on Canvas
7" x 5"
A couple of weekends ago, the McManamen crew headed out on a backpacking trip. No worries, it was an easy one. :) What a beautiful spot! After setting up camp, I hiked out to paint one of my all time favorite views. I carefully laid out my painting equipment only to realize I'd forgotten my brushes. Good grief! Well, I'd seen several artists recently using their fingers. Why not give it a try? Who knows, maybe it's my thing! Well, it's not. Above is last years painting, with brushes. Below, my finger painting with a palette knife rescue attempt. Sigh. 

The backpacking crew on our way up.
Sunrise on Baring Mountain.

 The lake we camped next to. So pretty!
Despite my lack of success plein air painting, it was an awesome trip.


  1. I don't know - I like this year's finger painting too. It's got a cool textural impressionist vibe. (If that's the right term.)