Thursday, April 2, 2015

No. 592 More from the Tulip Fields

Tulip Fields - Day Two
Oil on Linen Panel
4" x 6"
I couldn't resist going back one more day. Once again I received lots of compliments on my work and met many very nice people. I think I love this old barn as much as the tulips. I also painted a much larger version in the afternoon. I have yet to get a good photo of the large version. Also, I think I'd like to work on it a bit more.
Check out the reflection in my new friend Jim's sunglasses. :) Thank you for letting me take your photo, Jim!

I had my photo taken by LOTS of people. A few even shared them with me. This photo was taken by another new friend Rose Magary, also known as Wildrose. Thank you Wildrose. I really like this photo. :)

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