Thursday, April 30, 2015

No.612 The Largest Plein Air Painting

Mt. Vernon Tulips
Oil on Stretched Canvas
11" x 14"
This is by far the largest plein air painting I've ever done. I had hoped to "wow" someone into taking it home from the tulip fields. Interestingly, I noticed that people were less likely to come close and talk to me while I was painting this than when I was painting the much smaller versions. My guess is with this size they were able to satisfy their curiosity from fifteen feet away. Whereas, they would have to come within "chatting range" to see the much smaller ones. Lesson learned. :)

You meet the nicest people and the best photographers in the tulips fields. Another photo of me by a kind passerby, Thu Pham. Terrific shot, Thu! Thank you!!!

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