Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 92 - The Island

We just spent a couple of days on the island. This is the first time I've tried painting our little cabin. She is a massive 300 square feet (yes there are only two zeros after that 3) structure and was built by the previous owner, Ron. He is quite a character. He lived in that tiny cabin without electricity or a bathroom for 15 years! He had really strong opinions and a very long beard. After he sold the property to us, he packed up his little truck and headed off for the great unknown. We often wonder what happened to him.


  1. Which begs the question... do you have electricity or a bathroom in it now? What a charming looking little abode! It has so much character! Certainly looks like something an artist would love!
    - Suzy

  2. Thanks to Don we do have electricity. Still working on the bathroom. :) We have a composting toilet in a nearby shed. How posh are we?