Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 84

Primrose #1
Oil on Gessobord
5 x 5
I bought these primroses a couple of weeks ago. I've
been pondering how to paint them ever since. They
don't work as cut flowers at all. Once cut, they almost instantly start
to droop.  It dawned on me to cluster them together and
look straight down on them. Then I got a really exciting
idea. How about a series of three to be hung together?
What a great way to anticipate spring!


  1. Very clever. I love the viewpoint and especially the colors. They will brighten your day out there in the Northwest.

  2. Why Julie, I've been following your wonderful blog for awhile now. I'm very honored to have you comment on mine. Thank you, and yes we need all the brightening we can get up here. :)