Friday, September 12, 2014

No. 494 Sunflowers 2 - A Rhapsody in Plein Air

Sunflowers 2 - A Rhapsody in Plein Air
Oil on Linen Panel
5" x 7"
Wow, we have been so spoiled with gorgeous weather this year. I spent two spectacular mornings last weekend painting at Bailey's u-pick farm in Snohomish. Standing in amongst the sunflowers painting I heard many languages spoken and saw lots of families working hard harvesting food.
Don't these look yummy!

 This woman packed her wagon beautifully. All the squash blossoms tucked in the corner were particularly lovely.
A cute and clever, little pumpkin proudly displayed in front of the stand. A gal explained they cut the name into the pumpkin while it was still small. The process is called scabbing. Bleh, not a very nice name for a such a cool look. :)