Friday, September 19, 2014

Foggy Day on Mt. Baker


Foggy Day on Mt. Baker
Digital Painting
Artrage on iPad

I'm currently at Mt. Baker with my painting buddies from PAWA. It's a spectacular place, when you can see it. Today was not one of those days. We gave it a good try though. I gave up painting outdoors when there was too much water on my canvas for the paint to stick. Instead, I sat with my friend Janice in her car where we digitally painted on our iPads.

This is where we set up to paint.


Jane, Katherine and Sylvia toughing it out. They were out of the rain but not the wind

A beautiful little waterfall on the way back down the mountain.

We will give it another try tomorrow. Time to get warm and cozy at the cabin. :)






  1. Nice painting, love the foggy effect.

  2. Wait, that was an iPad painting! I love it even more!! Wow!

    1. Thank you very much JanettMarie! If you like iPad paintings I'd recommend looking at my friend, Janice's work. It's terrific! here's a link