Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winnie's Wildflowers

Wildflowers in the Mist
by Winifred McManamen
Oil on Canvas
Winnie painted this from a photo she took during one of her mountain hikes. It was such a popular image that she painted it two or three times to satisfy demanding family members (such as myself) who wanted their very own copy. Did I mention how nice she was?
I was so enchanted with this image I asked Winnie if I could see this flower covered mountain field myself. She happily agreed to take me there and with great excitement I climbed the trail only to find we were there too soon, no flowers. Maybe someday I will get to try again. Many thanks to my sure footed sister-in-law, Beth, who carried my daughter Anika during our mad dash back down the mountain in a rain storm.
I have wonderful in-laws.

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