Thursday, July 16, 2015

No. 632 Bempton Cliffs - Travel Journal Entry

Hello! Back from Europe and mostly recovered from jet lag, I'm eager to share my trip with you. Instead of painting in oils, I decided to try an new form of expression - the watercolor journal. It involves less space, less gear and dries much quicker. There was far too much to see in the time we had to paint on location. So most of these watercolors were painted on my sister's dining room table in Tadcaster, a village outside of York. You're right, no dining room table is safe from me!

Razorbills on Bempton Cliffs, a national bird sanctuary on the east coast of England. 
Not so rare birds but still lovely to paint. 

So I've discovered something new, I love to watercolor journal! It's an amazing way to express the excitement of traveling somewhere new and beautiful. A big thank you to Jan Jewell for giving me the idea and Charlene Freeman for teaching me how.

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  1. Beautiful Susan. Your watercolor journals are very inspiring. What sort of a little set is that palette. It looks pretty portable.