Thursday, May 7, 2015

No. 614 Big Fancy Double Tulips and My First Day of Class

Big Fancy Double Tulips
Oil on Linen Panel
7" x 5"

These were some of the biggest, most gorgeous tulips I've ever come across.

The best news of the day is my oil class is up and running! Woo! Hoo!
I couldn't ask for a better group of students. I had a terrific time and I hope they did too. During the month of May we are working on values. Since value is the foundation of a successful painting it seemed like a good place to start...
The front doors to the building Holly's studio is located in.

Holly herself working on a value study of a pear. Thanks so much Holly for letting me hold my class in your studio!!!

Karen Bakke finessing a value study of three pears.

Diana making sure her pear study has plenty of texture.

A view across the studio.

Nikki, with an impressive collection of brushes and a light touch, working on a pair of pears.
All of the studies turned out great. So do I attribute that to a great teacher or great students? Or maybe both? :))) I huge, huge thanks to all my family and friends for supporting and encouraging me on this new adventure. And most especially a humungous thank you to my new students!
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