Monday, February 9, 2015

No. 566 A few more studies

Lemon with Cool Light Source Study
Oil on Canvas
A few more studies from the workshop. Usually I try to paint just the colors I see. Every once in awhile I'd like to be a little more expressive. I'm optimistic that the principles I learned in the class will give me the foundation to be a little more playful with color.

Egg with Warm Light Source Study
Oil on Canvas
How does the temperature of light effect what you're seeing? Everything painted in a warm light like direct sunlight or your typical indoor bulb will have warm highlights and cool shadows. That is the hightlights will lean toward warmer colors such as yellow, orange and red. The shadows will lean toward cool colors such as blue, green and purple. Keep in mind that this is all relative. And that is where it gets confusing. For cool light, like the light on a cloudy day or the typical fluorescent bulb, your highlights will be cool and the shadows warm. Can you see why I took a class on this? :)

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