Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No. 477 Fresh Paint Festival

Demo Painting for Fresh Paint Festival
Oil on Canvas Panel
9" x 12"
Wow! Another successful festival! I can't hardly believe my good fortune. A great thing about this festival was seeing many people I knew. A few of them I hadn't seen in years! It was wonderful visiting with old and new friends. A very big thank you to everyone who decided to give one of my little paintings a good home. And a HUGE thank you to my family for working hard the second weekend in a row.

On Sunday, the Everett Farmers Market became part of the festival. This was my favorite booth. :)

Saturday I painted standing in the sun. Holy cow that was hot and uncomfortable. In desperation, I asked Don to figure out a way to set up my plein air umbrella on the pavement. He definitely came through! Below is Don setting up his new invention. It worked like a charm! I am sooooo grateful for my clever husband.

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