Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 313 Blogging by Candlelight

Blogging by Candlelight
Oil on Canvas Board
5 x 7

We just lost our electricity due to a wind storm. Luckily my iPad is well charged...
Here we have more of Renee's copper, my favorite squash, and leaves from our dogwood tree. A long time ago I had a request to show a bit of my process. So if you are interested, I've posted a few of the steps below...

Ooooo, a white canvas. Some people find white canvases a little daunting.

I started off by toning the canvas with a burnt sienna colored wash. Then the main shapes were loosely drawn in.

At this point I've blocked in the largest color shapes. Now comes the hard part...

Here you can see I've refined the colors and shapes and added some details. The finished painting is of course back at the top.
Well what do you think? Was this interesting at all? Would you like to see more inbetween steps like this?

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