Tuesday, March 28, 2017

No. 772 Blue Coffee Pot with Tulips

Blue Coffee with Tulips
Oil on Canvas Panel
7" x 5"

We've had a very, very soggy and chilly winter so thank goodness for greenhouse tulips!

Returning to our trip to France, after getting your ticket you'll probably want to reserve a place to stay. Sandy, the trip coordinator recommended a couple of nice inns to stay at. I chose to give Airbnb a try. There were a couple of things that appealed to me about Airbnb. First, you can find a pretty good deal. The cost of the studio I'm staying in is less than half the inn Sandy recommended.

Second, I liked the opportunity to take a peak at how the French live. It was really interesting perusing the unique homes and rooms available in the area .

Lastly, my hosts are very accommodating. Once I reserved my room I was contacted the next day by the host, Veronique, and asked if there was anything I needed help with. I soon discovered that her mom is a watercolor artist and is willing to recommend places for me to go paint!

Downtown Vence
My little studio is in there somewhere!

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